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Multiple Group and Multiple High in Trial winning GCh NightWind Stirrin' Up Trouble CD

NightWind Poodles was established in 1991 by Jerry & Gina Hans.  Jerry is a veterinarian and Gina is a registered veterinary technician and professional groomer who went back to school to become a registered nurse.  They have 3 children - now all grown up (one is another veterinarian).  Their house outside New Carlisle, Indiana, was built specifically to raise puppies, keep active showdogs, and do a lot of grooming!  The dogs enjoy 6 acres of fenced yard to run, play, and develop sound minds and bodies.  In addition to conformation and obedience showing, the dogs love interacting with kids and adults at schools, libraries, and 4-H programs.   Reach us at or visit us on Facebook at NightWind Standard Poodles.

Upcoming Litters

Are you interested in adding a NightWind puppy to your family?

Adult Dogs

Are you interested in adding an adult dog to your household?

Stud Service

Are you interested in using a NightWind dog to sire your next litter?

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