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Buying a Puppy and Upcoming Litters

Litters are only bred at NightWind when we are ready for another show dog to improve the next generation, and generally we will only breed our girls twice.  Typically, we only have 1 or occasionally 2 litters per year so it is always best to be on a waiting list for one of our puppies.  Although we have worked with silvers and blues in the past, we are currently only working with standard poodles in black, white, or cream.  After we select the puppy(s) that we are keeping, the rest are placed into loving family homes where they will be treasured companions.

As the puppies are being raised, we match buyers’ preferences for color, gender, attitude, and intended purpose (for example, an apartment dweller will need a more low-key dog than one performing in agility).  Remember, that ALL standard poodles are highly active dogs with lots of energy and exercise requirements.  Usually puppies are available at 8-9 weeks.  Shipping can be arranged if necessary, but certainly it is preferable that you pick up the puppy in person… it is heartbreaking to place a puppy into a crate and send it off alone onto an airplane.  It will have had its tail docked and dewclaws removed, started vaccinations, de-wormings, and heartworm prevention, be microchipped, and had a physical examination and first grooming (after all, the puppy was raised by a veterinarian and groomer!).  He will come with food, other supplies, written care instructions, and the all-important written health guarantee --- plus you can always contact us for more advice and information.



NightWind puppy owners are required to have a fenced yard or leash walk them; standards are too active to be allowed to roam free, risking injury or loss.  Since few people are able to commit to the level of breed improvement described under our “Breeding Philosophy” page, NightWind puppies are sold on AKC limited registration, which means they cannot be bred nor compete on conformation.  They can still compete in any performance event, such as obedience, agility, rally, scentwork, etc…. in fact, these activities are encouraged since poodles need lots of mental and physical stimulation.  They are required to be spayed or neutered, usually by 12-15 months of age (depending on the current veterinary recommendation since this keeps changing as more research is done).   There is no doubt that spayed and neutered dogs live longer, healthier lives.  They do not need to have litters to “calm them down” or to make them happier or fulfilled, and they are much better off without those hormones.  That’s why ours are all spayed as soon as we know they are not having a litter or further litters if they have been bred.



Our 2024 litter is here, with 9 black babies whelped June 19th, which means that puppies will likely be available to go to their new homes toward the end of August.  The dam is GCh NightWind Illumination (Lyric); this is her first litter.   GCh Storybrook Lovesong (Robert) is the sire.  You can search for health testing on each of the parents by going to and typing their registered name into the search section. For updates and periodic pictures and videos, check our Facebook page at NightWind Standard Poodles or just click on the Facebook icon below.  For further information, including receiving a sample of our contract as well as their pedigree and copies of all genetic testing, contact us at

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