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NightWind's Ethical Breeding Philosophy

At NightWind Poodles, we believe that a dog should only be bred when it is of proper structure, has a good temperament, and has passed extensive genetic testing to reveal hidden traits in order to produce healthy puppies that will improve this beautiful breed.  In addition, we only breed our girls a couple times and only when we are ready for the next generation to show.  Generally, we only have one or occasionally two litters per year.

We make a nationwide search for a sire that will enhance and improve the desired features of the dam and which also has passed his genetic testing as well.  We will provide a written health guarantee (contact us for a copy), and we will always be willing to take back a puppy or even a grown-up adult should you no longer be able to keep him should your situation change. 

Genetic testing done at NightWind includes blood counts and profiles to look for internal organ dysfunction, thyroid, and brucellosis.  DNA testing for von Willebrands, neonatal encephalopathy, and degenerative myelopathy is done. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certification of freedom from hip and elbow dysplasia, hereditary eye diseases (formerly CERF), and cardiac certification is done as well.  Skin biopsies are evaluated by a dermatopathologist to demonstrate lack of evidence of sebaceous adenitis.  Other testing may be performed as well.  Every poodle to be bred has a CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certificate.  Written copies of these tests are provided to prospective puppy buyers when a specific litter is planned.

If you contrast this with a "backyard breeder," you will find that rarely if any type of genetic testing is done (often under the pretense that "they've never had any problems") yet we believe that if you do not look, you won't find hidden genes.  They often breed their dogs only for the purpose of producing puppies (they state "out of enjoyment," but usually it is just for profit - they just don't admit that) rather than for improvement of the breed and certainly not proving the quality of their offspring in the show ring.  Rarely are written health guarantees provided, and if you are not able to keep the dog a year from now, will they be there to help you?  They also state that they are not producing show dogs, just pets.  We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy pet, and in fact, nearly all of our puppies go into pet homes rather than being shown.  They often state that "both parents are on the premises," when in reality this is because they are choosing the local dog for convenience and to avoid the expense of stud fees, rather than looking extensively to find the best mate that will actually improve the features of this beautiful breed.  Often times the females are bred over and over again.  Sometimes they will even have multiple breeds which prevents them from focusing on the needs of one special breed, the poodles.  

Finally, designer breeds mixed with poodles seem to be the fashion recently.  Labradoodles, goldendoodles, bernerdoodles, cockapoos, and many other variations are rampant.  The term "high priced mutt" is commonly used.  When you are buying these mixed breed, non-registerable dogs, you are getting a hodge podge of genes.  These traits do not breed true, meaning that some puppies in a litter will have certain traits and other puppies won't.  If you want the features of a poodle, buy a poodle!  You know exactly what traits and features to expect when you have a specific breed that is true to type.  Many people are turned off by the foo foo haircuts.  It's just hair!  Certain hair cuts are required in the show ring but for your pet, you can have as little or as much hair as you like.

If you would like information on upcoming litters, obtaining a puppy or adult dog from us, or on using one of our dogs for stud service, click the appropriate button near the bottom of our home page!

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