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Adult Dogs are Occasionally Available

Not every dog that starts out as a show dog at NightWind grows up to meet our strict requirement for breeding, including ones that were good enough to obtain their championships.   Therefore, we will occasionally have these dogs available for forever homes.  Occasionally we will have a dog available that has been returned that circumstances prevent the owner from keeping it.  Sometimes we will also have dogs available that have had a litter or two; these dogs have had extensive genetic testing to ensure the health of our puppies.  These dogs are well trained and well socialized; some may have even earned some obedience titles.  They make great pets for someone who does not want to go through the trials and tribulations of puppy rearing.  Just like our puppies, these dogs are placed into loving homes with a written health guarantee and a home care package; they will be current on vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventive use, and will already be spayed or neutered.



Another situation that provides a source of obtaining an adult is to co-own a dog for us to possibly use for breeding down the line.  These are retired show dogs that we may breed at some point but to keep our number of house dogs manageable, we place it in a home where the dog can be available to us.   That means that the dog is kept intact (so it must be kept away from intact dogs of the opposite sex to prevent accidental breedings) and is available to us for genetic testing and when we do need to have it for breeding.  For male dogs, this usually means just occasional times (usually a week or so at a time) when he will be away from home for us to use his “services.” For female dogs, this means being away for ovulation timing tests and breeding, going back home to your for gestation, and then coming back to us to whelp and raise the puppies until they go into their homes, which would be 2-3 months.



Although it can break our hearts to place these dogs that we truly care for and love, we know that they will get so much more love if they are in a home where they get one-on-one attention since we have so many house dogs.



Currently, we do have any adults available.   Typically, we have quite a waiting list of people looking for dogs that meet these criteria.  If you are interested in being on a waiting list (adults do not become available often), please contact us at for more information.  Photos and videos are available on our Facebook page, NightWind Standard Poodles, or just click the Facebook logo below. 

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